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What is debt?
In a broad sense and enters the loan you can borrow things.
All of the debt, will be called the loan to borrow money from financial institutions in the narrow sense.
I think referring to banks and credit unions, consumer finance companies and credit card companies and financial institutions.
(Except for non-profit and crowdfunding) always borrowing screening occurs when borrowing money and loans debt review featured in another feature, loans from financial institutions.
It is to examine no non-performing loans contracted before the loan review and financial institutions to lend money to, that you will definitely not repay.
And query data to the credit bureaus if borrowing by individuals covered by the financial institutions, see trends in usage of past and current debt situation, and loan balance.
Decent pay every month, that owes the debt balance to ensure that important.
While not to mention overdue for past debts, and current liabilities to credit bureaus, debt consolidation, bankruptcy, credit cards forced cancellation information and makes the tough decisions during the review.
And the three national credit bureaus exist three authorized credit information agencies in Japan.
Saved about 10 years from 5 years depending on the type of data to credit bureaus, credit reporting agencies follow.
• Established a national banking Association General personal information center (KSC), subscribers are limited to financial institutions such as banks and credit unions.
And consumer credit companies doing business based on the sea Center co., Ltd. (CIC) installment sales law and installment sellers often is a member.
Increases of consumer finance companies in recent years.
And is the largest agencies have a big data and credit information Center co., Ltd. Japan credit information reference center Corp website consumer finance companies have joined the most credit information agency, was originally in the province up to 1.
More agents to subscribe from a credit card company do caching.
Each affiliated company with credit information agencies.
But three intelligence agencies call FINE while the CIC by JICC and information exchange based on a voluntary production called CRIN money lending business Act on information exchange has been done.
You can use data registered in the credit information agencies collectively throughout good network exchange, or other credit reporting agencies.Content by 6/18/2010, incorporated in the money lending business law introduced restrictions on data sharing third-party debt situation is total.
It doesn’t limit the term to the money lending business law.
Understand the money lending business law article 13 2 of the total pollutant load control is made easier.
Introduced the purpose is to protect financial consumers that prevent excessive loan exceeds the repayment ability of individuals by non-banks.
Non-use by JICC and CIC is total control over contract not allowed by law.
In a mutual collaboration network is FINE in the money lending business law, in accordance with especially careful specializes in third-party debt amounts.
For KSC borrowing would be outside of the total pollutant load control for shared data.
Because caching limit credit card is sharing data with CIC and by JICC money consumers are always aware total regulatory framework itself.
Users can fund demand by borrowing the maximum amount defines up to 1/3 of the annual salary and the total concept total regulation, so even people who are trying to take advantage from this notable is.
However, the total pollutant load control exists exception loans, excluding loans.
Those loans are types can borrow beyond the limit.
Total regulation and related debt including mortgage loans in addition to lending banks and shinkin banks.
Also following as unrelated loans (including the exception loans, excluding loans) total pollutant load control. Debt consolidation refinance loan with mortgage loans (also, such as stocks and bonds) loan commercial loan spouse loan pay 100000 Yen following social conventions requiring urgent loans expensive medical bills, total regulatory framework already was using more loans;
Can you borrow.
Loan amount and loan amount that borrowing from financial institutions is determined by the contractor to contract or commodity contract.
Is for nonbanks would be total ratings for loans, except for excluded loans and loan exceptions regardless of product and even better deal to fund consumer income x1/3.
To individuals to borrow, even with maximum loan amount of the loans is 8 million yen 5 million circles and was impractical.
It is from required 24 million yen or more a year in salary over 15 million yen for rent 5 million yen 8 million yen rent.
Non-purpose loans to deal with any possible loan amount in total pollutant load control range.大阪府池田市のプロミス店舗一覧検索

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