United States consumer finance? 390% per annum? And the payday loan regulations is required? [Caching encyclopedia]

American consumer finance payday loans is what?
American also has consumer finance payday loans that, its nature completely differs from Japan.
Japan consumer finance and banking system loans require income, some large amount to borrow at the same time.
Is the USA payday loan is credit card is unavailable or is not low income persons, next paycheck as collateral to small loans in the short term.
Money borrowed by a payday loan be paid once every 2 weeks in the United States, but common, so the repay plus interest and after 2 weeks.
And cannot be installments in Japan consumer finance, must return a total amount on the repayment date. And the payday loan annual interest rate will be 390% contraption?
Japan interest rate restriction Act and set up financial institutions currently rates and up to 20% limit.
Will standards and state laws in the United States, but interest rate restrictions is almost 10 percent so far.
Is the payday loan’s interest rate restrictions in, making loans at interest rates illegal.
If the payday loan by borrowing the cash passed to.
It is this gift certificate cannot actually use, in addition to the amount of money borrowed to pay, this gift certificate amount also must pay.
Also doesn’t interest in gift certificates from expensive sets this amount will be 390% annual interest rate;
Designed when borrowing total regulatory challenges of small financial markets faced by the United States and Japan, and payday loan users total check passes to the commercial advance, payday companies check for cash at the Bank.
Would be disrupting the daily life, you cannot cash a cheque and bank accounts frozen and a reputation to lose.
On the other hand, there are many people who must be available to, payday loan is funding sources needed for low income earners, and.
However, many people payday loans to go bankrupt everyday, has become a challenge in a small market.
Reduced risk these profits by at that point, Japan revised money lending business law, put the total pollutant load control on consumer finance.
Is not in the Japanese realized can be protected by the Government.プロミス 奥州

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