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Often, as a method of repayment of consumer loans, using the revolving.
Revolving account are classified into three types.
The declining-balance method to pay a certain percentage of the outstanding balance is the first.
And what is the method of repayment of the second balance slide system, depending on the amount owed be paid a certain amount.
And is a third way to introduce flat-rate revolving system.
It is a style fixed revolving scheme and to pay back a certain amount monthly.
In this flat-rate revolving system of two further schemes.
It is the principal fixed revolving and principal fixed revolving schemes.
You must not mind if both payment and repayment amount are different, so in consumer borrowing.
Principal fixed revolving scheme is method that specify a certain amount to pay a monthly expenditures fixed revolving scheme is.
To pay the same amount.
For example, 10000 Yen with monthly payments to pay off until much monthly 10000 Yen payments will continue.
However a breakdown of each repayment will be changed.
Is in a flat-rate repayment of the principal and interest payments to both.
In the first principal, because the greater interest.
Therefore in the repayment amount per occupies a larger percentage interest payments.
And out until the repayment in gradually larger percentage of principal repayment.
Good service fixed revolving scheme is determined to repay the monthly amount.
It is so easy and Cortes.
If I get a salary to prevent situations that cannot be repaid, separately from the amount of consumer credit and keep.
You may however be turned most of the repayment interest payments in the first.
As a result, may be forced much extra interest payments and repay the principal on the back burner because look at the repayment amount.
And the principal fixed revolving scheme while principal fixed revolving scheme for the repayments of the principal constant.
And the pay scheme to top up each generation to interest payments.
So the monthly payment amount is not change only by payment of interest.
Also a lot of interest since the first is larger than the remaining debt.
It is by the first payment and gradually less and less.
Principal fixed revolving scheme, to ensure you can pay off debt.
This is because in comparison with total and less than the principal fixed revolving scheme.プロミス 見附

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