Promise’s 30-day interest-free period is really a zero interest? Repayment chapter management, fire! [Caching encyclopedia]

Domo Hello.
It is a caretaker.
Last time provoke from friends and inadvertently become a cuckold, had borrowed the money with the promise.
I forget, but I completely forgot about anger and we made it too easy to borrow 100000 Yen’s anger.
Do not forget repaying tightly.
In Edo’s solid return borrowed money!
(↑ incidentally management who hails from Tokai region)….
Well, speaking of the promise, is the first borrowing 30 days interest on zero!
But of the world Joe ski is speaking and debt interest is inherent. “Really interest ever since-in?
“And good story says one but I suspect it is.
We have returned the temple, really check for zero interest for 30 days!
To show the last time friends promise ATM closest to expedite, we borrow.
However, the age is already twenty-first century.
It is a world where loans are loans from your Smartphone or PC without visiting all the way now, or be able to repay it.
So, this payment from your home PC or try.
Following a series of screen captures is the flow of repayments.
(By the way of repayment in the ATM will repo on!
) Was granted the contract, first to promise site access and membership information and then log in.
Repayment on the Internet right, click Next.
Partial repayment amount specify the screen, so the “full payment”, “full designated repayment” of in.
So we try to repay all borrowings 100000 Yen “full payment” selected the following screen is displayed.
Review the amount and click the “Bank of choice”.
Then choose the switches to the screen for each bank, to pay from your bank account.
If the caretaker to Rakuten bank account because Rakuten Bank easy payment plus services “to click.
Only the State switches to Rakuten Bank Web interface to do so and have all the necessary information, such as payment, so I like always doing such as online payment to proceed.
Normal is now complete.
As well as debt financing, repayment insanely easy!
Well, “normal,” dare said there was a reason. It is actually of very due to personal circumstances, it is not complete.
Wanted to do complete repayment in chochoi Choi from the Web when and what at this time to Rakuten bank account balances at all not included in the.!
(Crying) that somehow diminish in it as “fute寝” and it turns out next day, ATM directly, to repay.
In the ATM to get the picture.
I’m listing the photos of previous borrowing is secret.
ATM loan promise card (membership card) into!
Will tell you the current activity.
Selection screen of the repayment amount.
This is the same when the Web payment.
We all chose to repay (100000 yen).
Open the inlet, so payments Inn!
However, what…
When I could move and mouse click and smoothly when it has to repay the 100000 yen on the Web and return a “ready rhino” from ATM and simply tied up money.
I’m know has to pay back.
Bring cash though, I hesitate a moment.
And my hesitation, as opposed to machine without hesitation I swallowed 100000 yen.
I shifted on the amount of input confirmation screen, click the Confirm button.
The statement out and carefully check.
100000 yen as seeing last borrowed 5/27 to 6/12 within 30 days of that and takes on the principal non-interest expenses!
If within 30 days of the promise of zero interest!
That was true.
Hey, I’m sorry!
In fact, this statement in the firm to check points.
Is that the last loan date 5/27/2015 to final contract day becomes a 3/4/2011.
Is really for the first time using debt financing was followed 4 years contract to 2015 and that in 2011, the janitor had signed a promise card.
You could still promise that borrowing for the first time as a starting point, 30-day interest-free period applies to this time without interest to borrow money.
Never apply interest-free if AIFUL and ACOM this day after the contract set 30-day interest-free period as a starting point.
Loans like promise, first-time borrower, raise the interest-free period as a starting point to prepare in the wallet and the but that wasn’t helpful when.
Consumer finance is recommended in recent consumer finance is really well is easy to use, so we turn small returns exactly every month while type of person.
So, over the last two times, report shows real promise debt financing and repayment.広島県三次市のプロミス店舗一覧検索

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