And part timers who recommended to include a reason?

This page last updated on 7/7/2016 is because I fear, doing CM most major consumer finance, pass to caching I’m part or a part-time job in the income, annual income is not very high, but it will look attractive everywhere
Know how they think, there are such people. They can recommend in such cases is natural if you sign up for it, and then want to not miss a?
I think fittingly, on why images of the most recommended by ACOM is on this page, why a thorough explanation and we want to!
The data do not lie!
To say why elephant are recommended by ACOM and part timers who have an objective basis.
Well reviewed 00 consumer finance company, or sweet, or what may had said, but that’s just rumors and no basis.
Rumors but not only fails to be swayed by these kind of things, sad.
So, ID baseball Nomura directed by former professional baseball’s decision based on the information that can be trusted is not.
It’s not working for consumer finance why elephant friend even though reliable information.
Not only implies the profit of the company is has recently announced the financial results of the company and will become the major settlement in the progress of examination guess can be valuable because it uses.
There are rumors that the data doesn’t lie.
“I want to detail in a longer introduction,. Review loan rate by different how?
Because it’s just low incomes compared to’s and part timers who work hard, so passing to the examination anxiety first look on the new loan rate!
Please see the table below (you want to compare the data published after the big three). New loan rate 3/2012 2013 March 2014 annual ACOM 45.1%46.4%48.3%1.9% promise 37.0%40.7%39.6%-1.1% AIFUL-41.4%44.2%6.8% [Wikipedia] ACOM:DATABOOK 3/2014 fiscal “12. Number of new loan applications, new arrivals and new loan rate (ACOM) “promise: 3/2014 ended article new customer number (unsecured loan) AIFUL: AIFUL monthly changes in /aifulmynthlydata (2013 / 4 〜 2014 / 3)
Table above shows the percentage the loan for a number of applications.And so it is possible that year happened to be reviewed easily as it was unprecedented in the span of two to three years, but is a 46.4% than the previous year.
In addition to the previous year is 45.1%.
And this data from companies that maintain the high rate of new loans, ACOM is good thinking. A youth-friendly service?
“Wait a minute! Even new loan rate is high, it’s the whole story?
“And as tsukkomi put it, but in the street, all ages average, so their numbers are just as it and part timers who are 言ikiremasenn.
I would think that age group (especially part) those who work part-time or part is tricky, but are concentrated in young people, in other words 20-somethings.
And by expanding the focus on 20-somethings with relatively low income young adults, so the more you can move closer to the part-time person.
And that is the percentage of those who passed the examination table in new applications for 20-somethings. New customer’s separate interest rate consumer unsecured loan (3/2014) under 29 years old 30-year-old-aged 39 or younger ACOM 47.6%20.3% promise 40.1%23.8% AIFUL–[source] include:DATABOOK 3/2014 ended “21 customers age number ratio [ Consumer unsecured loans] (ACOM) “promise: 3/2014 fiscal information” 5.
Customer attributes (non-consolidated and unsecured loans), age “is still good ACOM numbers here as well.
At 29 years old and younger (20) 47.6%.
Broaden the scope until the 30’s whopping 7 percent.
You can say this from ACOM’s youth-friendly service.
There are overriding reasons to recommend ACOM-aways!
“Hey, why elephants, from the start the Cheer up!
“And would continue to examine might be offended, but we ended with most wanted data.
Is a number indicating the annual income of the person is the definitive data so I suggest the ACOM and part timers who received the new loan.
Please see the table below. Composition ratio of new customers annual incidents of consumer unsecured loan (3/2014) annual 2 million or less 200-2990000 yen a year promise 19.5%26.4% AIFUL, ACOM 26.5%—[source] include:DATABOOK 3/2014 ended “20 customer income accounts by number ratio [ Consumer unsecured loans] (ACOM) “promise: 3/2014 fiscal information” 5.
Customers (unit-free unsecured loans), annual demographic “ACOM is 2 million yen annual income of 26.5%, 19.5% of promise far more.

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