Publish examination criteria for loans? Consumer finance, banking and caching site personnel to discussion! [Part I] [Caching encyclopedia]

So we can ask you to valuable information may get a chance and this time, was an employee of former banker and former consumer speaks candidly with caching large all custodians of trying to think.
Please take a look at read because a lot of backstory only, or the difference between banking and consumer finance.
To borrow money loans and related pages appeared about caching large total management who caching for publishers.
Experience the actual caching, and have a reputation in the management of the user perspective.
That one went bankrupt in the aftermath of the former consumer finance business man overpayment say so myself (lol) was in consumer finance sales whiz past.
Is a man who knows from within the realities of the consumer of a decade ago.
Former elite bankers certain until former banker recently worked for a bank.
The latest bank card loans most familiar with his.
In an interview format discussion started!
Caching large all custodians (since management people) we have a rare opportunity today thank you!
Frank wants because sprinkling your experience and knowledge, so thank you!
Former Bank loan officer (later banks) from consumer finance loan officer (since consumer finance) thank you!
Examination pass rate for janitors so would like to hear the first examination pass rate for. Tell us about the difference between banking and consumer finance?
Consumer finance so it now consumer finance examination pass rate is roughly 30 per cent-is 40 percent so far.
Is the age I was working at 40%-I was 50%, so a little restrictive?. Consumer finance is the difference in application root will no doubt it’s too big, but I guess?
I was somehow also from past OTC application was person-to-person lending and want to lend from… personal loans now Internet entities are had incomplete documents will fall and fall, had not reached the standards even a little.
One possible cause is there no room for feelings of the people.
Management people, there is also the application form has changed! How is the Bank’s?
I’d become a deficit because lower interest rates if the Bank does not set high criteria.
So the examination pass rate is low at 10 percent, higher at 30%, such as where is it.
Currency rates are slightly higher from parts common to the consumer is still talking about sales and in-store might be.That the custodians of consumer finance and Bank are somewhat lower examination pass rates important to attract customers in the Internet?
Consumer loans come from the frontage extends undoubtedly registering at ease meeting people even pass rate is down slightly since.
Is 借rirecha money management people certainly decks to anyone submitting the online application?.
Why is that people feel guilty and those who want secret debt, could give the hand, including Internet is a good tool! Regarding examination criteria for management who then I want to hear is about the examination standards, but first let me from the age of?
Consumer finance is it age is 20 years old-they can lend up to 70-year-old.
Get all limits are just 20-22 years of age and over 60 years old, going to the examination may not say a lot I guess. After a more than 40-year-old bachelor who someone strange many… (laughs) managers said that more than 40-year-old Bachelor in the company I was alone, had become outranks evaluation (sweat) (39-year-old Bachelor) or it… stigma brimming over with not?
(Lol) consumer finance well experience both in the company’s other companies do not know that I was like janitor (laugh) you are horrible? (crying) found.
From the starts are looking for a person to be married! That didn’t discourage the age where what the Bank’s?
Bank well stands approximately, and consumer finance.
More than 40-year-old bachelor far outranks the rules didn’t (lol) just the Bank is 70-year-old over to respond flexibly if you would consult even the right now.
Can help lend pension secured loans the country is doing so on behalf, I want to give you the sense had always.
It is the awareness that consumers like a bank to borrow money for the last defense line.
Consider travelling funds, using various system, it somehow seeking to borrow money with consultations, that was fine.
Management person indeed!
Consumer finance, within the framework of the age, is a bank’s flexible response even outside!
Different image is somehow!
Consumer finance it around consumer credit is tied to the money lending business law: the will.
Another indispensable if I exceeded the 70-year-old.
In a sense I’ll managed to lend but no age limit if I did.
I’ve been working in management who both somehow, want to lend that feeling!It is based on income and employment?
People came at times worked for consumer finance consumer finance I was many times a gradual had to really loose.
I’m have just fixed limit set by age and income, so here I’ll induce well.
In consumers ‘ financial derivatives seems (laughs) for example national health insurance 2400000 yen a year who want to borrow a 500000 yen.
I’m down a limit, however, national health insurance and just lend.
I’m raising income, so this is nothing you can do.
“200000 yen a month said,”well, 250000 Yen “it is (laughs) so no way I want to hire people who”, Yes… “would be it is.
I’m here to induce 2400000 Yen 3500000 Yen in speaking “to include a bonus and salary, 3500000 Yen”, pretty much anybody who is going “well, that’s about it”, until.
It can raise the level to 500000 Yen so if you’d like to lend;
But not is doing it these days.
Because if you are checked it to the financial services agency will be closed down.
It is not a mainstream application in the Internet, will remain as the data input of the customer is so.
Who was the age old is really a moderate (laughs) I had in those days!
Thank you for valuable talk! How is the Bank’s?
It varies the amount banks can get in the national health insurance and company certainly.
Are, however, many consultations, but slow as consumer finance, is not because the era was moderately well, (laughs) I don’t know.
Managing people is either way, age isn’t such a sweet story that I. Caretaker, occupation, I get differs from examination?
I’m for consumer finance consumer finance’s occupation from a certain extent on evaluation much.
Also lend if the right person is polite, also listed small and unrelated, full-time employees of public companies and evaluating the difference between a doctor or lawyer does not.
Conversely Subdivision near the bottom.
Becomes approximately 80% of company’s insurance, dispatch, byte, and a laborer, change the rank.
Banks are hit together.
I’m level lend me out where as soon as the annual income after.
Reverse loans to people of non-regular employees, such as national health insurance and the byte limit, it tooks.?
I thought either public servants or doctors or very high ratings.
I’m no doubt high-bank ratings.
If those layers, however, lend it to detail is unparalleled.
Why is so much when determining the maximum amount, less bad debt risk..
For example, I like doctors, civil servants and university professors will score in the order of highest rank, public listed companies, small and medium enterprises.
Administrator is indeed bad debt is most afraid?! What is contrary to high bad debt rate employment?
Consumer finance taxi, newspaper delivery, port laborers around is I guess.
After a turnover, and immediately flies I am (sweat) futures sales, insurance sales, bar or nightclub, or high credit losses.
I was coming to you from the futures company people who don’t 被ranakya loss well.
From here I know it quite difficult rental though.
Bank isn’t it.
Stability is no profession more difficult to lend.
Difficult to lend or members of Parliament’s Bank (laughs) Yes.
Short term and I do not know when to dissolve the House of representatives and House of councilors is far from stable.
After his term expired is neat, is that people (laughs) caretaker legislators ‘ story was surprisingly! I just talked about the term’s period of service (seniority) is evaluated in how does it feel?
Company consumer finance I was working, six months, one year, three years separated by was.
If more than three years evaluation is the same in many years.
I can’t lend quite within six months.
Bank prima facie 2 years at least in line with was.
I had my Bank is.
Just different circumstances, so even people in less than two years was on in the consultation, depending on the circumstances.
I’m like I’m reaching out to 跨genai but managers apply the threshold Bank I got a high threshold.
I’m no bank was something formal, but I’ve never felt (laughs) I managed to not listen and profit from it (lol) so we name or age than before, health insurance to verify.
I’m clogged information of that person’s health insurance. Holding companies or national health insurance?
Once you work and years of service and salary from roughly stable as well has muttekotogadorehodono.
Who intends to submit a health insurance because the consumer’s not an exaggeration to say if you have your health insurance card is the result of the examination shows that (lol) or even “license is just okay” from were native, said.Because it is nearly company officers and young number.
I’m representative or company officer loan is hard to.
If stability is not a lot.
Immediately from getting and look at 7-less than if I ask (lol) I get 貸senaku I.
Banks said there.
Later, should fill in any details that I write and do (lol) in it if it had been written in reverse 貸senaku’s got the title. Administrator what it?
Insanely funny no? (laughs) banks and Nighthawk, is an ordinary office worker is most stable, and easy to rent.
Difficult rental or self-employed people. Consumer finance consumer finance was tolerant to sole proprietorship?
Consumer finance loan rate is surprisingly low I.
By the company may be different, but I do so from statistical data since… I don’t know why (laughs) credit information management who now would think of the judging criteria will be to ask for credit information.
It referred to information center at that time, by JICC is fundamental to consumer finance, but so did any accident information, getting information out.
Or without work each credit information agency at the time, consumer debt number was checked information other than an accident.
CIC credit system and maybe there’s only the base by JICC.
The Bank CIC by JICC, bankers will check all three.
History of use of the credit card debt situation in the past nor all identify.
Is out of the question if the accident information is strictly checked.
I can’t lend it to Bank and consumer finance black people.
I’m Bank I see fine detail.
I’d say that if you do not return only 7000 Yen so far than the base payment amount repayment or… should repayment of 10000 Yen Bank for example, monthly.
I’m if you repay the at 7000 Yen I didn’t, but I identify them it now.
From the information not only from delays of 30 days or more.
But I went had a loan if consumer finance consumer lending, in black only.
It was work that changes the amount of remedial flexibility even a little.
However, times have changed I’m now consumer finance is quite clean.
As more banks survived such a place is no easy to doubt, but I am. No doubt some people have received the hype, but I can understand people not just in trouble because of that debt, we also think that advantages and disadvantages do not… caretaker certainly countries say it is… by the way, overdue credit information registered 3 months I said is that How you been?
Consumer finance clearly 3 months the register after you if you overdue it.


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Website assistance | consumer financial comparison amp; review availability information

This site is a page from various angles and insights about consumer finance, explained.
Main characteristics of consumer finance for financial consumers quickly and flexibly to finance this would be.
Primarily because it causes higher self bankruptcies in recent years include borrowing from consumers ‘ financial data, but think this site as the change of life events in the economic downturn, this means that decrease unemployment.
As a result, is a drawn picture often use of consumer credit, consumer is tapped out.
Intended us to know how best to use, as well as consumer finance to correctly know the website.
Also be able to play even in the worst case, how do I explain.
Text on the contents covered in the website’s consumer finance, financial series, books, Internet and commercial direct questions and administrator experience (recovery bytes), such as to we.
I mean I like the investigators, or Mania may since may in any case created the amateur mistakes and incorrectly understood what there is.
Please teach in boards if you have error information is of course committed to ^ ^; website reputation with commercial examination whether or not information provided based on your post.
We believe informative on objective for more information.
If you often post information on raising accuracy even further.
Is for your own rankings, overall evaluation of its genre, by reputation, considering the ease of use of the service and website, we rank.
About the reputation and services varies periodically varying order as a matter of course.
They haven’t posted for each provider.
Companies listed on our site are almost we as the Alliance ad. That means that this is please keep fairness in commercial relationship is m (_ _) agents not listed on m site, such as bulletin boards and search engines use, and if you are looking for comes out ^ ^
Also, to eliminate the gold website at non-commercial financial services Association to join will not be published.
Easy access to gold gold or presented and recent financial portal, newsletters and financial site even has finished.
Payment simulation to determine the monthly repayment amount, number of payments is about, but it is possible.


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How to maximize the benefits of a summary loan

Standardizing the loan benefits chased by payment, multiple debt borrowing from several suppliers, paying, paying, a hardship not less than life. Not only economical but is also mentally stressed, would easily consider methods such as bankruptcy. Consider to refinance ago that loan unification is?? I’d like to is exactly what you can do. 1. lower interest rates 2. Reduction in monthly repayment 3. Shortening the repayment period 4. Payment clarification 5. Main points by realizes loan one of refund fees and benefits will include more than five. There were borrowing together into one company, rather than from the total exceeds 1 million yen per number 100000 yen borrowing from several interest rates decreases the goon. To shorten payment periods and life impossible without reducing the monthly payment that reduces the total work to lower interest rates, but the review, such as early release from a debt repayment plan is possible. Payment days only once a month, so borrowing and repayment conditions are clarified. Also… don’t overlook and repayment fee for each financial service provider. If multiple debts repayment fee of five took 700 yen and for example. Then, with only repay fees that pay 8400 yen per year. Waste electrical appliances a little two years becoming a three-year loan would buy more. You may also succeeded in the unification of the refinancing would unify the lone drawback payments more than what interest does not fall too much. In some cases doesn’t make much repayment amount and also referred to as ACOM consumer finance provides maximum interest rate from 18 percent to less than 10% reduced interest rates and longer repayment period (number of times), on the contrary increase reversed. Are detailed in the paragraphs below, debt consolidation and failures. Do not ride on the repayment of financial firm’s invitation! Has already paid off after the refinancing debt consolidation lenders, including new borrowing is strictly forbidden. Accompanied by required repayment, is considered a breach of contract by the financial institutions, also successfully played a unification of the refinancing risk. You pay if you have loan repayment may have mind, but to pay off debt and finance company will receive “information concerning additional funding”.It is important enough, adopting a firm commitment. Advantages of debt consolidation benefits and disadvantages debt consolidation debt consolidation is a financial service, such as consumer loans and a Bank are loans in recent years has put the power. Here are some benefits in addition to standardizing the loan benefits described above, specifically for debt consolidation. -Total exempt and which does not appear in the history of the personal credit information institutions, include debt consolidation of additional borrowing to halt the benefits do not qualify for the recently launched the total pollutant load control (over a third of the annual income of the rent that is not legal). Can borrow less than 1 million 3 million yen a year is not in the debt is “of God in salvation” for those short on cash. Is debt consolidation debt treatment are likely to remain in the history as a designated credit information organization (CIC) debt related to that, so history doesn’t hurt. In addition, risky-repayment of debt consolidation, many, additional borrowing over will halt. Debt consolidation disadvantages then let me give some about the evils of debt consolidation. And strict examination, is that the points you expect most of the debt consolidation cannot claim the overpayment is now than it was that borrowing at low interest rates. It is haunting, proportional to the low interest rates that are hard to live that. And the problem, here the most. Especially bank rates are cheaper, higher-minute examination. Also, should I request a refund before applying for a debt consolidation you have overpaid, is safe. Can ask judicial scriveners and attorneys, even after the refinancing debt consolidation 30% refund as a reward to pay must not be so caution is required. Advantages and disadvantages in the feature summary loan for debt consolidation from the viewpoint of both the merit selection also said that trade-offs exist. What do the commentary. To view supported by low interest rates have been introduced, need home rates simply does not fly. It is often followed by the early deal just thought in debt don’t mind, ostensibly low interest rates. It is must see through or not, there really are benefits for debt consolidation.Such disadvantages, so let me give some determining factors in advance. And don’t blame the monthly repayment amount? And interest amount is rather high? And don’t extend the repayment period? It is wise to look at these relative to the “harmony point can repay most favorable conditions”. To clear out a schedule to pay off from your final decision. After scoring on the first contract even if debt consolidation without the additional borrowing is often for the repayment, so still afford to limit additional borrowing is difficult. Additional borrowing is not trade-offs or even would say that benefits for those who might want to stop wasteful habits. And it is important that additional borrowing without counting on as much as possible “can live in reasonable economic stand out design based on repayment plans”. Summary or loans available to such people debt consolidation recommendation are actually available any better? Definition of use has become “who wanted to unify the multiple debt borrowing”. According to the website of each financial during the original forges in any way what is seen, but expanding on the condition each is. However, overlooks the whole of the debt consolidation and part, part-time, full-time housewife, based on conditions, even low income employees and pensioners are able to borrowing. Keep first of all, try to find acceptable, moneylenders value. Many consider borrowing such as consumer finance and don’t want the family to know how family members don’t want to know who it is, said representatives of the drones contract, subject to the Bank recently, found out family members are found. Family bale got they point is the timing, or receive telephone confirmation of shipment. For example, because it would end all Internet-only if using, such as Rakuten Bank Internet banking, you worry about that. From the personal name or why the Bank name Bank phone verification and mailing procedures that require telephone confirmation in the mailings tend to consider the documents related to the loan and do not know. However, because it does not all banks in advance is required. Let me introduce successes was borrowing money, specifically in case of debt consolidation debt consolidation success by reduced payments. This is an example 1500000 yen after borrowing in 2 years.[Refinance later] It is a success stories d 1500000 Yen interest rate 10% two years interest repayments 315000 Yen refinance, interest was about 540000 Yen before decreased about 315000 yen, after the refinance. Monthly repayment amount able was 85000 Yen before refinancing refinance after reducing the 75000 yen. When migrating to a debt consolidation interest rates, not to mention monthly payments is not? Do not extend the repayment period? It is also important. Want to lose little monthly payment amount and the application of the above case, if three-year adjust the repayment period. Then interest is about 495000 yen and refinance before and will be motivated, but monthly payments 55000 yen and payment burden will be lighter. Time to adjust and decide at their upper bound can be extended far to the ruler. Beware of excessive reduction of debt consolidation failure case study monthly payments! Many faces of debt consolidation want to refinance in the particular sense of urgency of the preceding may want to reduce the amount of the monthly payment. Points can reduce the monthly repayment amount to life without it, but it looked there, and can be to an excessive extension of the payment period. Extending longevity appears to be about minute to extend the payment period, the more the interest amount will be added. Here, but also the pitfalls of the annual percentage rate calculation, and caution is advised. Not many cases before refinancing situations, increased repayment amount. For example, let’s say that reduced to 60000 Yen by centralizing from monthly payments was 100000 Yen in consumer finance debt consolidation Bank repayment plan. Borrowing the amount 2 million yen, interest rates fell 12 percent from the maximum interest rate is 18%. However, the repayment period will increase from three years to six years planning and interest payments through refinancing, has more total than the previous cases. Is the item you want to check debt consolidation is feeling in front of more than total have is refinance than cuts in don’t forget to. Loan summary how repayment simulation each bank’s homepage and through word of mouth we recommend using simulation possible before apply for debt consolidation and considers reasonable from the application and repayment simulation.Repayment simulation currently installed in each home in the specific numbers, such as loan amount and repayment period and the interest check is better. Once, while at the same time was not rejected by the lenders best choice possible application simulation problem no repayment simulation like I will give candidates apply. Was the most favorable, compared to some stand outs financiers under the same conditions to apply for the neighborhood. Apply contents registration particulars are broadly,, lists the following four points and more. However, by financial institutions, there is a difference between the items, referring to try as a rough guide. 1. For personal information, name, gender, date of birth, spouse annual income 2. Housing information and phone number (without home phone is a mobile phone number), home possession or, if you have years of residence, housing loans monthly repayment amount 3. Business information, occupation, industry, seniority, work address, work telephone number 4. Borrowing preferences, requested amount of borrowing, indebted borrowing volume and multiple debt repayment amount these are to apply when the main entry. Financiers from screening to loan take duplex examination of preliminary selection and final selection examination, or if you already made contracts, such as loans, direct book review and case. You should so often needed and mailed paperwork to deal after Bank loans up to see, more than a week. Borrowing money is mainstream by bank transfer to the account you specified. You need to make sure minimum loan will be complete on the Internet if you are just on the same day loan you need, type, condition of the individual to understand and apply to their own or. Repayments how to repay will auto-debit and what is mainstream. However, considering the later effort may also have to deposit each month during the advance to keep you want to check. There are also additional payments to deposit, debt consolidation and pay monthly payments to pay off will mainstream recently, say pay off. Early repayment is handy if you want. That said, the Bank held debt consolidation review standards borrowing of generally five or more borrowing, debt consolidation review become a disadvantage. In fact, than the total loan amount, loan number is important.And debt collection is a sweet review aid and consumer finance, including from some two-three companies, at least four companies within can be expected to lower the hurdles of the selection criteria by signing up from. You may strictly seen if you have repayment deferred repayment delay past criteria. Many can be seen late accident and different criteria by lenders, but 2 months 3 months in arrears. If you already paid, delinquent records will still exist for about 5 years. By applying for too many companies within one month, apply black is not significant as the application blacklist black, will remain in history, such as a designated credit information organization (CIC). Determined to “ability to repay lenders more been rejected and sign up people” against and examination pass. The application within one month of doing three companies within. Attention is necessary because “false declarations” declared that during the outrageous request differ from the truth comes to light, and would immediately flipped from the judging line. On return of the lie most often said the loan number. And that had mistakes in counting the number of five or more, and who would have voted down once it is is no excuse. We recommend that you carefully to make sure that you fill in. Summary of debt consolidation benefits that even the person who is borrowing the same amount to refinance multiple debts into one by the difference of the heavens and the Earth and you can imagine what I think. True means of finding oneself with the not unreasonable monthly payments and refinancing debt consolidation it is objective. It would be good without bias to a sweet interest rate information for short-sighted, firmly convinced until complete repayment plan and to figure out much. Demanding debt consolidation review said. However, people return money lent from the side to examine whether or not judgment is inevitable. This is the same and it lend if no return wouldn’t lend money you place them. The past payment history (credit) is one of the important items. In mobile, credit and other payment hear out from everyday life. Now the debt amount is greater or is a matter of secondary importance. Also in addition, had the sense to pay off loan repayments in new borrowing that prohibition, but “suspended” status.
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Mizuho Bank card Loan How does it feel to be enrolled?

Phone to verify enrollment applicants during the examination of the Mizuho Bank loans, work at prompts. If you apply for enrollment verification is difficult to avoid any loans review, from “no” to hope. What is the way of Mizuho Bank loans review enrollment confirmation to avoid. After enrollment confirmation is made, it is done with what? How they occur, what are the enrollment verification interview of Mizuho Bank Card review at Mizuho Bank loans, or what?, let’s think from there. Enrollment confirmation review final stage Mizuho Bank loans at the school see are in the final stages of review. If you verify the student clear, Mizuho Bank loans review does not end. However, enrollment verification inspections loans, so difficult to check in is not. Enrollment confirmation concludes that applicants really working there, or you can make it do. And school review is done at the last stage, screening of applicants “attributes” or “credit information” is all over. Enrollment verification can take a review of Mizuho Bank card’s enrollment confirmation awaits at the end of the end review. Once enrolled you review of Mizuho Bank loans are all end. Enrollment verification is made that examination is passed what seems almost too good that is. And enrollment verification measures was Galicia end and said screening once enrollment confirmation even once, speaking against the end up screening and enrollment verification is not over. Always around, such as phone calls do not know the time, but as much as possible to make yourself out to be. Enrollment Confirmation gives Mizuho Bank or surety company “Orient” from the person who enrolled you in personal names,. Examination of loans, even on the enrollment confirmation phone made in the personal name of the person. Unless you are very much for enrollment verification knowledge who card review notice from it. Enrollment verification for surety company Orient enrollment confirmation phone calls is the “Orient” has inked a review of Mizuho Bank loans.
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